15 Apr

Your very own pet puzzle

Your very own pet puzzle


By purchasing this gift, you will help us continue to microchip and sterilize dogs owned by the poor rural community in Romania. This will help prevent the abandonment of unwanted pups, born to end up on the streets.

card board (chipboard), number of pieces: 500
Warning! Not suitable for kids under 3 years old.
Disclaimer: The supplier takes full responsibility for image quality and for any delivery delays.




To order a puzzle personalized with your pet photo, please follow these steps:
Send only 1 (one) photo to roldaro@gmail.com
Photo type: landscape
Photo must be original, not modified (cropped, effects added, etc)
Photo must be 300 dpi
Tips: choose a clear photo made with your phone.
Shipped from China.
Warning! Not suitable for kids under 3 years old.
ROLDA is helping responsibly and efficiently the abused and neglected homeless animals as well as the poor communities of animal lovers that struggle to look after their pets responsibly.

Color: various

Size: 52 x 38 cm

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