12 Jul

Tag for luggage animals style 4

Tag for luggage animals style 4

Created by: ROLDA

For ROLDA, animal welfare is important. We fight against all forms of animal cruelty, including smuggling (illegal live animals transport) or irresponsible wildlife tourism. By downloading this tag, you support #StopAnimalSmuggling campaign. Alternatively, we can send you one tag (or a collection of 4 tags) by mail (please write us an email at rolda@rolda.org with full shipping address)

Size: 5 x 9 cm




This item is created by ROLDA to be placed as a luggage tag outside your travel bag. Luggage tags mainly carry on your ident, not just your contact information useful in case the baggage is lost, but also to express your personality and make a statement regarding your beliefs and ethic principles.
ROLDA is helping responsibly and efficiently the abused and neglected homeless animals as well as the poor communities of animal lovers that struggle to look after their pets responsibly.