13 Dec

Sponsor microchipping virtual gift

Sponsor microchipping virtual gift


Help ROLDA microchip animals with owners with low incomes.

This ROLDA virtual gift contains an e-card and a virtual certificate personalised with the recipient’s name (your name or the name of the person you will send it to). Please note this gift is completely virtual and only available to send as an e-card. This virtual gift supports ROLDA and their projects in Romania.

This gift in action:




Getting lost is the worst thing that can happen to an animal. Being separated from the owner who loves and provides for them is horribly distressing, and then, suddenly, they need to fend for themselves.
At ROLDA, we always know where our animals are, and we even reach out to underprivileged communities to help them have the same safety net by microchipping animals there.
This gift enables ROLDA provide microshipping for people with low income.