16 Aug

ROLDA dog messenger

ROLDA dog messenger

Created by: AnitaBSign

By purchasing this gift you will help ROLDA Rescue team to protect a dog against severe Siberian winters and enjoy the comfort in the ROLDA shelter.

WARM hugs and appreciation from our doggies and entire staff! Your gift helps us to keep warm our furry friends during another cold season. Even though the ROLDA shelter is steady, built at international standards, winters in the southeast of Romania can get very cold. While our rescued animals have experience surviving harsh conditions on the streets, while having a safe place in our shelter is a considerable improvement for them, we still feel its our duty to provide the best for furry residents and the people working daily for their well-being.

Textile dog message holder




Color: Various

Size: 17 x 10 cm

A cute message holder for your secret notes, in the shape of a dog, made of recycled materials, customized with the ROLDA logo.

Always trust your dog!
Use the secret compartment from ROLDA dog-shaped message holder and your most secrets messages will reach the recipient safely!
The ROLDA dog messenger will guard your message with loyalty and keep it away from curious eyes. If you wish to order it for a friend, ROLDA team can write the message on your behalf and and hide in the special pocket.
The item is handmade from recycled materials, which gives it a new life and a new meaning.
The item is personalized with ROLDA logo.

This item is exclusively created for the ROLDA shop by Anita, an authentic Romanian artisan brand. As we work daily to make the World a better place for animals and humans, we support local artisans whose creations are in tune with nature.

Every contribution to ROLDA is used with maximum efficiency and great responsibility.
ROLDA is saving homeless and abused animals from traumatizing experiences by taking them into our shelters, rehabilitate and rehome them. ROLDA is also helping pets from poor communities at risk of neglect or abandonment.

If you want to send this product as a gift to a friend, leave a message for them in the “Order Notes” field on the checkout page, and we will send it on your behalf. We reserve the right not to consider inappropriate messages.

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