27 Dec

I love ROLDA Anniversary tote bag

I love ROLDA Anniversary tote bag

Created by: Constantin

By purchasing this gift you will help ROLDA Rescue team vaccinate 1 dog to protect him against diseases.

Cotton, made in EU, printed in Romania




This item personalized for ROLDA special anniversary is 100% made by a Romanian company owned by Constantin, a big animal lover. ROLDA is helping responsibly and efficiently the abused and neglected homeless animals as well as the poor communities of animal lovers that struggle to look after their pets responsibly.
100% cotton, reusable tote bag, long-handled (65cm) made by the same material, made & printed by serigraphy in Romania. Personalized with ROLDA details.
140 g/m², long handle (cca.70 cm)

Color: white/red

Size: 37 x 41 cm