08 Dec

High visibility knitted hat

High visibility knitted hat

Created by: Matilde

By purchasing this gift you will help ROLDA Rescue team to provide nutrient food for 3 month for a dog saved from being abused or from an imminent danger on streets.

Wool and polyester mix, with a woven high visibility tread




When purchasing this hand-knitted beanie, you will not only make yourself more visible in the dark but also help the dogs at ROLDAs shelter. This item is made by Matilde, a Norwegian artisan passionate about her fight against animal cruelty! The beanie is gray by default, but if you mail us at rolda@rolda.org, we can check if your favorite color is available.
The items knitted by Matilde is 100% hand made. ROLDA is proud to sell her products in our webshop.
ROLDA is helping the abused and neglected homeless animals, as well as animals living with their owners in the poor communities, in a responsible and efficient way.