30 Nov

Healthy and fit

Healthy and fit


This gift supports ROLDA projects in Romania.

With this virtual gift, you will receive by email an e-card and a virtual certificate personalized with your name or the name of your friend (in case you choose to offer this as a gift to someone).

This gift in action:




Fleas, worms, and other parasites can often lead to severe health issues, which can be fatal. We all know that prevention is the best medicine, but it can be challenging to procure preventive medicine for 700 dogs. Each year, we need to ensure they are protected from disease, and we need to have the necessary medication to provide treatment when they get sick or injured.
This gift enables ROLDA to provide vaccination, flea treatment, and worming preventive medicine for one rescued dog for a whole month, to help ensure him benefit from having a healthy and disease-free life.

Size: 5 x 7 cm