28 Mar

Dog house key holder


Dog house key holder

Created by: AnitaBSign

Congratulations on your purchase! You did not only choose wisely but kindly as well. By selecting this item, you help the ROLDA rescue team provide good and nutritious food for Rocky. He has been living on the streets and struggling to find food. But now he has shelter and enough food, thanks to you!

Cotton, stuffed fabric, hand made

$13.00 $10.00



Color: base green

Size: 8 x 6cm house (11cm strap and holder)

A house for every dog and a place for every key, right? So, before we sort out the issue of housing every puppy, we can surely help you find your keys every time. No more misplacing them when they are attached to this cute cotton fabric, stuffed keyholder. It is hand-painted with water-resistant paint and it is easy to clean.

This item is exclusively created for the ROLDA shop by Anita, an authentic Romanian artisan brand. As we work hard every day to make the world a better place for animals and humans alike, we support those local artisans whose creations are in tune with nature.

With great responsibility and maximum efficiency toward every contribution to our cause, ROLDA is saving homeless animals from abuse and traumatizing experiences by taking them into our shelter and helping domestic animals from poor communities at risk of neglect or abandonment.

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