28 Oct

Your generosity is the true miracle of Christmas!

Your generosity is the true miracle of Christmas!

Created by: Anelia

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to get someone for Christmas! If you are still undecided, consider becoming a ROLDA secret Santa!

With this donation in the form of a virtual gift, you will receive by email an e-card and a virtual certificate personalized with your name or the name of your friend (in case you choose to offer this as a gift to someone). Please note this gift is only available to send as an e-card. This virtual gift supports ROLDA projects in Romania.




Whatever your gift, it’ll be appropriately distributed across all ROLDA running costs this Christmas and immensely appreciated by all our dogs and hard-working staff. Winter can be a difficult time for ROLDA and our 700-strong furry family, though every year we make it through, with determination and the kindness of our supporters.