17 Apr

Anti Insects Bracelet

Anti Insects Bracelet


By purchasing this gift you will help ROLDA Rescue team to provide nutrient food for one week for a dog saved from being abused or from an imminent danger from streets.

Non woven, non chemical, adjustable wrist bracelet with citronella




This item can be part of your travel kit or to be used/warn daily. ROLDA is helping responsibly and efficiently the abused and neglected homeless animals as well as the poor communities of animal lovers that struggle to look after their pets responsibly.
Non toxic (no chemical components), natural (pure natural citronella essential oil), repellent mosquitoes bracelet. Buckle hole design, adjustable length.
Does not contaminate the clothes, causes no irritation, protects the body and avoids mosquito bites.
Suitable for kids use.
Shipped from China.